X Marks the Spot

XSell Realty has leadership with years of experience. Although relatively new to the market as compared to their competitors, they have tenacity and passion. They want the very best experience not only for their clients but also for their team members, which they know is a point of distinction.


Agents easily float from one agency to another, sometimes over the offer of just a small signing bonus. XSell strives to offer a team environment that offers agents the sense of being partners over “resources”, mentoring, and personal care. The energy is evident in the office. It creates a sense of joy and pride in the agents that is passed on to the customer experience and can quickly turn into long-term relationships and referrals. The challenge was capturing that energy in a comprehensive brand strategy and marketing plan so XSell could continue to expand into the Southeast Michigan market.



Building the brand strategy went beyond basic research. A few activities completed were getting validation on points of distinction, secret shopping, a touchpoints review, a digital audit, and usability testing. Through analysis of the results and prioritizing with the client, recommendations were delivered in a strategic brand and marketing plan. Most immediately a brand refresh, storefront overhaul, and standards for agents’ professional materials were completed as phase one of the plan. The remaining phases are on a rollout plan maintained by the client.



XSell was overwhelmed by the immediate positive response to the brand refresh and agents continuously receive feedback on the strong impression their materials make. As a team, XSell reported 2018 was its best year yet knowing that the brand work completed (and in the process) has a large part to do with its success. In 2019, it will be ready to open its second office with a strong start.


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Graphic Design