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Business & Marketing Consulting

We are advisors who bring an outside perspective, ask the right questions, and work with you to develop your brand’s purpose, unique core values, and differentiating factors. We can also conduct research that is used to develop a brand guidebook, target audience profiles, and a strategic marketing plan. We offer project-based or month-to-month consultation to help you start to get more out of your marketing program.

Business & Marketing Consulting is right for you if:

  • You do not have an agreed-upon organizational purpose or core values.
  • You don’t know what makes your organizations different from your competitors.
  • You can’t give your organization’s elevator pitch confidently.
  • You don’t understand the ideal target audience for your products or services.
  • You don’t have a marketing plan and don’t know how to measure the effectiveness of your marketing.
  • You know marketing is important but you feel like you are wasting your marketing dollars.

Monthly consulting and strategy projects are customizable and vary in pricing based on your unique organization.

    Monthly Outsourced Marketing Services

    We support the marketing initiatives of organizations that are small enough to need a stronger marketing plan and tactics but not large enough to support hiring an entire 5+ person marketing department. We work with business owners, executive directors, vice presidents of marketing, and marketing coordinators on a monthly basis to support their marketing efforts through a customized selection of tactics from our toolbox.

    Outsourced Marketing is right for you if:

    • You need a more robust marketing plan and you need someone to execute it properly.
    • You struggle to find one marketing person who can fill the variety of marketing skills your organization needs.
    • Your existing staff would benefit from working closely with a team of specialists to gain experience in more technical areas of marketing.
    • You don’t have the time or resources to build and manage a marketing team of at least 3 multi-disciplinary members.
    • You need more strategic creativity and thinking to make your organization stand out from the competition.

    Customized monthly programs start at $3,000/month which is comparable to one part-time, mid-level marketing employee in the midwest market.

      Marketing Campaigns & Projects

      We take on individual projects or more complex marketing campaigns that include any of the creative services we have available on our toolbox of services. These types of projects include strategic marketing campaigns, event development and management, video production, tradeshow marketing and events, annual reports and sales brochures, marketing messaging, and website development.

      Marketing Campaigns & Projects are right for you if:

      • You have an individual or small marketing team that needs additional support to execute marketing campaigns or projects.
      • You have a special initiative to develop and need an outside perspective and creative support.
      • You need to update your marketing messaging and visual image to better match your organization.
      • You haven’t updated your website in a while and it no longer represents your organization.
      • You need to communicate creatively and strategically to influence your employees, stakeholders, customers, or potential customers.

      Campaigns and projects are customizable and vary in pricing based on your scope of work.

        Our Creative Services

        These creative tools are used to increase awareness, acceptance, and action among target audiences.

        Graphic Design

        Social Media

        Digital Advertising

        Event Planning

        Logo Development

        Email Marketing

        Automated Marketing

        Public Relations





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