The Room Where It Happens

Solana has been a growing software development company, most recently adding workforce analytics to its service line. However, this service was notably different than their other offerings in that it was not a software module, but data collection and assessment to implement organizational change primarily around workforce turnover.


Solana had to find a way to shift away from its tech-oriented, features-focused messaging into one of trust, partnership, and problem solving. The workforce analytics service was as much consulting as technology, meaning clients would have to face the realities of their operations if they wanted to make improvement. At the cost of being vulnerable, a client could find enormous cost savings in reducing turnover among many other things.



To bring trust to generating leads, we capitalized on face time with pre-qualified attendees at a dinner event adjacent to an industry conference. The event was designed to downplay a sales pitch and instead provide a platform for this peer network to learn from each other. Yet it had to be an opportunity for Solana to establish rapport with meaningful conversation around finding common ground and solutions to workforce turnover.



The short survey during dinner was immediately turned around as a benchmark report for attendees (and Solana!), 30% of attendees were converted into the sales funnel, and the dinner event was one of the most talked-about topics at the conference. It also led to invitations as the keynote speaker at two other industry events, each generating even more sales leads.


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