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rebranding: a thoughtful business strategy

Rebranding is an opportunity. It’s a chance to determine the future of your company. It’s not about slapping a new logo on a website and printing some new business cards. It’s about defining who you are, what you do, and why it matters. By going through a brand discovery process, you can rediscover what is truly great about your organization, understand the right messaging, and design an image that truly reflects who you are.

Through a series of interviews, discovery sessions, and research, we help you define your core purpose, core values, and key brand messaging. Once we’ve uncovered the true essence of your brand, we can design a brand image that truly communicates who you are and elevates your brand to a new level. This process has been proven to not only positively influence potential customers but also have a dramatic impact on employees.


Brand Core (Purpose, values, brand statement)

Brand Image (Logo, brand style, website, signage, etc.)

Brand Messaging (Elevator pitch, brand key messages)

Brand Touchpoints (Human resources, sales, marketing, customer service)

Brand Strategy
do you just need a brand refresh?

Sometimes we find that clients have some of the pieces in place to make a strong brand, but they just need to be refreshed to be more effective. There are a number of things a simple refresh can do:


  • Identify your core purpose, values, and key messaging.
  • Update your logo so it looks more modern but keeps its integrity.
  • Create brand guidelines to identify specific fonts and colors and improve consistency.
  • Revamp an existing website to improve user experience, updating messaging and graphics, and restructuring the site map.
  • Update print pieces to have the same style, increasing recognition and recall.

When is the right time to rebrand your organization?

Many organizations come to the realization that their image no longer fits who they are or what they do. Organizational leadership and employees begin to ask certain types of questions and make statements that indicate it’s time to rebrand the organization. You might hear:

“Our logo and branding is old and tired. We need a new logo.”

“No one is on the same page with a game plan for the future.”

“Our people don’t understand who we are, what we do, or how great we are.”

“Our employees don’t understand our strategy.”

“Our marketing is confusing, inconsistent, and ineffective.”

But here’s the thing about rebranding…you might think it’s just about getting a new logo. That’s one way to go about it, but it won’t solve your core problems. Most organizations that think they need a new logo are actually missing the point entirely. The need for rebranding appears when:

  • a brand is growing and needs to up its game
  • the organization is facing new challenges that rebranding could remedy
  • it’s time reposition or launch new products or services in the marketplace

Rebranding is actually an opportunity to refocus your organization, align your leadership and employees, and develop a brand image that makes not only your customers sit up and pay attention, but also your employees. You see, rebranding is as much an internal boost as it is external. Employees want to work for a great company. They are eager to get behind a defined vision. They want to be proud of how their employer looks. Companies that have strong brands spend less effort attracting and retaining their employees.

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