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Everything You Do Is Public Relations

Public relations is all about how people see your business. With every post on social media, every event you host, and every interaction you have with the community, you are building a reputation with the public.

Public relations builds your brand’s image and credibility in your community. With a strong reputation already established, it makes it easier for your target audience to trust your team.

Analyze (what issues pose a risk to your brand’s image)

Strategize (proactive and reactive messaging)

Realize (communication tactics to implement and evaluate your strategy)

How is public relations different from marketing?

Marketing focuses on promoting your business, services, or products while public relations is all about your reputation and how people see your brand. But marketing and public relations go hand-in-hand.

Your marketing tells your story and influences your public relations every step of the way. That’s why it’s important to be proactive with your public relations through your marketing strategy. At Hoyden, our team of marketing specialists help you design a proactive public relations approach as well as a crisis management plan to ensure your brand’s image is always protected.

Crisis Management Consultation

Your reputation is essential to your brand. In the digital age, news moves fast. You need a crisis strategy in place to manage PR challenges before they turn into PR disasters.

Hoyden offers crisis strategy development and consultation. With this service, our team will:

  • Teach you how to deal with bad reviews
  • Coach your team on getting testimonials
  • Develop your communications team
  • Identify your most effective communications platforms

We can also help you develop a strategic plan that can limit negative impact to your brand during a PR disaster. If you have a busy schedule or a small team, we can execute and implement your PR strategy with press releases, social media content, and crisis communications.

How an outsourced marketing agency can help your PR

Sometimes you may need to be reactive when a crisis arises, a strong marketing strategy acts as a proactive public relations strategy.

A strong marketing strategy will:

  • Create awareness in the community and with potential customers
  • Build relationships with the local media, trade media, and industry leaders
  • Create excitement and support around your brand
  • Provide knowledge of your mission and values

And at Hoyden, we put strategy first.

Are you ready to see how your public relations can thrive? Schedule a consultation with Hoyden Creative today.

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