Building A Trusted Brand

D & P Communications is a local and highly trusted phone, cable, and Internet provider serving Southeast Michigan. They are deeply connected to the community in which they serve and have made substantial investment in upgrading and expanding to bring broadband Internet to rural areas in their service area.

Committed to providing their customers with the best services possible, this growing technology company needed to continue building their brand as the local experts in technology in order to reach new and expanding markets.

  • Community Investment 73% 73%
  • Trust 81% 81%
  • Local 100% 100%


How can you build trust? How can you reduce frustration for your customers and those interested in your services to provide them the best possible service? How can a local provider stand out against a national brand?

D & P Communications needed to meet these challenges head-on and that was accomplished through brand strategy.


Digging into what made the D & P Communications unique, together with their team we built a brand strategy to complement their sales and marketing goals. Customer experience became a key component to this strategy, as well as messaging and design.


D & P Communications continues to build their brand as the local and accessible technology experts. Trust has been built with the community by illustrating the community investment which has been largely hidden prior to this strategy. As they launch new products and services, and continue to expand their service area, D & P Communication’s is poised for growth with a successful brand management program in place.