Everything Old Is New Again

Chaloner & Co. first opened its doors in the late 1800’s as a tobacconist shop. In 2015, after 141 years of being an area favorite, it seemed the little shop had run its course. With the community mourning the loss of a landmark, local investors purchased the building with the vision of creating a drive-worth social venue.

  • Nostalgia 95% 95%
  • Placemaking 75% 75%
  • Good Vibes 100% 100%


Chaloner & Co. had life blown back into with major – but historically minded – upgrades. A major addition to the original shop was Chaloner’s Cigar House, located upstairs from the retail area. The two assets of the brand needed to be distinctive but related. The brand also needed to remain relevant to their target market by being both nostalgic and new at the same time.


We worked together with the investors, their architect, and the operations manager to ensure that Chaloner & Co. logo refresh and Chaloner’s Cigar House brand development were in line with the team’s vision. It required honoring the past, a nod to modern times, and a top-notch experience for tobacco enthusiasts. The final identity package accomplished just that and allows for easily branded merchandise and applications to digital marketing.


With brand development in place, Chaloner & Co was able to work with their partners to successfully open both businesses in February 2019, after much anticipation from the community. They can continue to build the brand value with the foundation put in place with thoughtful and strategic development at the beginning of the project.

Very easy to work with and their team is so creative! Beyond pleased with their responsiveness to questions after the project was completed.

Laura L. Wanke

General Manager, Chaloner & Co