The Benefits of an Outsourced Marketing Agency

Understand the Benefits

We’ve seen a lot of job descriptions that have very high expectations for one role – strategy, writing, social media, website updates, internal communications, graphic design, and more. The skillset needed to market one organization effectively is as wide as it is deep. It’s not surprising that internal teams feel frustrated, lonely, and confused about their efforts. The smartest and hardest working team can struggle to meet their goals, but it’s even more difficult if they are missing a skill set or have too many projects on their list.

You can solve this challenge by outsourcing your marketing. More and more companies are seeing the benefits of outsourcing services. It’s especially effective to outsource creative marketing functions because it can save you money and improve the quality of your efforts. It can also be difficult to find employees with a skill set that satisfies the variety of your marketing needs.

The most successful organizations use outsourcing strategically to add capabilities that they don’t possess with their internal team. The benefits of using outsourcing as a strategy for growth include tapping into a larger talent pool, reducing employee turnover costs, increasing speed to market for new products and services, boosting innovation, and supporting under-functioning departments. When 2,000 companies were surveyed by Bain & Co., the study revealed 10% of companies that achieved sustainable, profitable growth had one thing in common: more effective capability outsourcing.

The Benefits of Outsourcing


If you were to build an ideal marketing team, their capabilities would include: strategy, analysis, communications, events, SEO, marketing automation, copywriting, social media, graphic design, video – we could go on. To truly differentiate your organization, you need the power of all of these capabilities to keep up with the rapidly changing marketplace. And, in-house employees who are focused on the day-to-day task list can find it difficult to stay on top of new technologies and marketing tactics. Building a team with these wide-ranging capabilities can be expensive – and in today’s tight labor market – nearly impossible.

Outsourced marketing is a solution to these challenges. You can choose the specialized skills our team offers to complement your teams’ capabilities and fill specific marketing needs you have. Some organizations hire outsourced marketing agencies to function as their marketing department, integrating an entire team in lieu of marketing employees. They benefit from the combined experience of the outsourced agency team and avoid the costs and stress of hiring, training, and retraining less specialized in-house employees.


At its core, marketing is all about positively influencing the perception of your organization in the eyes of your target audience. An outsourced marketing team gives you bring a fresh perspective by looking at your organization from the outside, thinking like your target audience and creating plans that are customer-centric. An agency provides objective feedback, helping you to overcome the politics and groupthink that typically happen inside an organization, which often holds it back from reaching its full potential.

Organizations that work with a marketing outsourcing agency receive a higher degree of objectivity and customer-centric thinkin’ than those who work with a more traditional, specialty marketing agency. Specialty agencies make money by fitting you into their service offerings. An outsourcing agency works on a flat-fee or retainer basis, focusing on finding the services that are the right fit for you, which makes every dollar invested work harder and go farther.


Creating a small in-house marketing department can easily cost six figures when you include salaries, benefits, technology, facilities, and more. This overhead may appear smaller than bringing on an outsourced marketing agency, but it’s almost always more expensive. Outsourcing can save you money by creating a focused and lean marketing department for the cost of hiring a mid-level marketing employee. This boils down to your organization marketing more effectively while reallocating funds that can be invested in future growth.


A marketing agency that doesn’t deliver results can be let go quickly, unlike an internal employee. Outsourced teams understand the importance of accountability when it comes to their work and treat their clients’ time accordingly. Whether it’s a project or a long-term contract, an agency that’s not results-driven will struggle to survive.

In-house teams have less pressure to quantify their efforts, but an outsourced marketing agency understands the importance of accountability. They will demonstrate their efforts and results with monthly executive summaries and dashboards. Outsourced teams will use the data to recommend adjustments to the strategies and tactics to maximize ROI.

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