Running a business isn’t easy and your business just survived another year of unique challenges. You’ve learned countless valuable lessons in the past year but 2022 is your year to thrive!

If you’re struggling to pick a good marketing resolution for 2022, we’ve rounded up some common goals and the resolutions you can adopt to make 2022 your brand’s best year yet.


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Goal: Gain a social media following

Resolution: Stay consistent with social media

The secret to a winning social media strategy is no secret: it’s all about consistency. This means interacting consistently, posting regularly, and taking the time to create unique and memorable content for your audience.

Goal: Get your brand recognized

Resolution: Maintain brand consistency

Brand recognition takes time, effort, and- you guessed it- consistency. It’s important to know your brand’s identity inside and out so you can build upon a solid foundation. Keeping your logo, brand colors, and style the same while you build your brand will help your audience build recognition.

Goal: Spend marketing dollars more wisely

Resolution: Set a marketing budget

While you can do all your marketing yourself, it can be time-consuming if you already have a full schedule running your business. Your marketing dollars can be spent on social media management tools like Hootsuite or Sprout, improving your ad visibility on Google and Facebook, and/or hiring an outside marketing team to help you meet all your marketing goals.

Goal: Increase conversion rate

Resolution: Regularly analyze marketing data

To increase your conversion rate, start by collecting as much marketing data as you can so you can analyze your strengths and weaknesses. If you understand where your website visitors are clicking on your website, you can learn where they are when they decide to leave your website and focus on creating new content, landing pages, and calls to action that keep them interested.

Goal: Rank higher in search results

Resolution: Implement SEO practices

Search engine optimization is a huge piece of mastering your marketing strategy, so finding ways to rank higher in search results is a great goal. There are many ways to do this, from extending your advertising budget to applying keyword research to landing pages on your website, but the best strategy is to implement as many SEO practices as possible so your brand will dominate the search engine results pages.

Goal: Generate new content

Resolution: Start a blog

Starting a blog for your business’s website can have numerous benefits for your brand. A blog offers your audience a glimpse into who you are, your expertise, and can act as a conversation between you and your audience. By writing about your products and services, you gain credibility with your audience. Plus, blogs are a wealth of content that you can share over time on your social media accounts.

Whatever marketing resolutions you choose, sticking to them all year round is the key to helping your brand grow. With consultation services, marketing campaign assistance, outsourced marketing, and so much more, the marketing professionals at Hoyden Creative are always here to support your marketing goals and help your brand have its best year ever.