Lemonade: A Sweet Story About Economic Development

Lenawee Now is a catalyst for economic development in Lenawee County, Michigan. The organization continues to evolve and refine its service offerings, looking to make its messaging more relevant to the business community and general public. With an upcoming annual meeting, Lenawee Now was specifically looking for a showcase video that would tie in their theme of entrepreneurs.


Lenawee Now, like most economic development organizations, feels that defining economic development is a nearly impossible task. It is complex and a description can quickly become superfluous, so the challenge was to find a way to define it concisely and make it relatable; something a person could relate to and visualize within the boundaries of their own life so it is better understood and relevant.



We leveraged the story of a child’s lemonade stand: from the start of an idea, through business building in different capacities, and finally, enjoying the results of hard work. We designed a story and set that would allow young actors to be themselves, to show the joy of their work, and educate viewers on what a rewarding journey entrepreneurship can be. Throughout the video, the narration explains what economic development is and how Lenawee Now drives economic opportunity.



Viewers of this video received the perfect balance of charming and informative. Immediately following the premier at Lenawee Now’s annual meeting, audience members reported that they finally “got it.” In the following days, phone calls from unexpected places rolled in to discuss investment. A simple story about a young girl and her lemonade stand succeeded at opening up a new – and relevant – dialog with the members of the business community.




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