An Award-Winning Brand

Lenawee Now is a public-private partnership dedicated to economic and business expansion throughout Lenawee County. In addition to business attraction, retention and start-up activities, Lenawee Now provides critical services to support business growth including access to funding sources and talent enhancement.


Lenawee Now needed to market Lenawee County for business attraction to site selectors and developers in a crowded international marketplace. Economic development activities needed to be communicated to area businesses and stakeholders to facilitate business retention. Opportunities needed to be presented to partners, stakeholders, and the business community to facilitate business expansion. Lenawee Now also needed to attract investment for private enterprises to further enhance workforce development and economic growth.



Together with Lenawee Now, we developed a brand that positioned them as a driving economic opportunity for Lenawee County. We strategically developed award-winning economic development marketing campaigns that have attracted attention for Lenawee Now across the globe.



Lenawee Now continues to grow in private and public investment as the brand is managed over time. Their business attraction, retention, and expansion pipelines are full. As new economic development programs are developed, they are marketed successfully throughout the region. Lenawee Now continues to win local, regional, and international economic development marketing awards.


Graphic Design


Social Media


Event Planning


Email Marketing


Logo Development