Are You Ready to Hire an Outsourced Marketing Agency?

The smartest and hardest working teams can struggle to meet their marketing goals, especially if they are missing a certain skill set or have too many things on the go. But, we have good news! Outsourcing your marketing will help solve this challenge.

So, You’re Interested? Awesome!

Our approach to helping organizations with their marketing focuses heavily on strategy. By identifying purposes and goals we can develop marketing tactics that help you get results. You can finally gain clarity and confidence in your marketing efforts.

Below is a link to our pre-intake survey. This survey is designed to provide us with the necessary information about your company’s needs, in order to see if we’re a match to work together. If your situation and goals are a match with our strategic approach, we’ll set up a free exploratory call. If not, we’ll make recommendations that will be a better fit for your situation. Anything you share is confidential.

Still Unsure If You’re Ready to Hire an Agency?

Take this quick quiz to help you determine whether or not you are ready to hire an outsourced marketing agency. Let’s get started!


1. What are some of your short-term marketing goals?

A. Building my brand, becoming more visible online, getting new leads, etc.
B. Making more money.


2. What are some areas you’d like to focus on?

A. Brand consistency, running advertisements, managing social media, website maintenance, SEO, and building an online presence.
B. Social media and website only.


3. Do you feel your business is growing as it should be?

A. No—The efforts I’m making aren’t giving me the results I need.
B. No—but I’m ok with it because I’m busy enough as it is.


4. When you look at your budget you think…

A. I could afford the expense right now.
B. I’m not sure, I don’t have a planned budget.


5. How do your competitors handle their marketing?

A. Most of them use a marketing agency.
B. Most of them do their own marketing.


6. How do you feel about your current marketing efforts?

A. Our staff is usually swamped, so marketing often gets put on the back burner.
B. They’re performing at a level I feel confident in.


7. How do you feel about your business’s digital presence?

A. It needs improvement.
B. I’m satisfied with it.


8. Are you ready to have a trusted partner handle your marketing so you have time to focus on other things?

A. Absolutely!
B. I don’t think so.

If You Answered Mostly A’s

You’re ready to hire an outsourced marketing agency! The next step is to fill out our intake survey to determine if we are a good match for each other.


If You Answered Mostly B’s

You may not be ready to hire an outsourced marketing agency at this time. The good news is that we aren’t going anywhere, and you can reach out to us at any time!


If You Answered A’s and B’s Evenly

There could definitely be something here! Every company’s needs are different, and luckily, we offer several different services that could potentially fit yours. If your gut is telling you to hire an agency, then fill out our intake survey and we’ll see if we’re a good fit for you. No harm, no foul!

Drop Us a Line

Don’t be shy. Let us know if you have any questions!