Marketing Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

Why Hoyden Creative?


It’s hard to find one employee who is a specialist in all areas of marketing. Instead of hiring one internal marketing person, you can access the expertise of an entire team. Why is it more cost-effective? You can achieve higher quality productivity and performance from an entire team without the added overhead of payroll taxes, vacations, 401(k)s, and other benefits. It’s difficult to match our level of strategy and creativity in-house, which is why our clients in Detroit, Ann Arbor, Toledo, and Adrian outsource their marketing to us with confidence.


A clear and effective strategy is the only way to ensure your marketing plan and tactics are effective. Marketing is often a game of wishful thinking, with organizations hoping that something they do will influence “the people who have money” to purchase their goods or services. With our Backwards Thinking process, you can eliminate the guessing game and identify the right ways to measure success for organizations throughout Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.

Strategy is the foundation

Allocating your marketing dollars effectively and efficiently is both an art and a science, especially in an era where marketing and advertising are no longer limited to print, TV, and radio. Once your objectives and target audience have been identified, we can match the right marketing tactics with your budget. Our unbiased and objective consultation ensures that your marketing dollars are allocated as profitably as possible. Since our agency is designed to function as part of your team, we see your success as our success.

Add a Team Player

Our approach allows us to learn about your organization, your market, your target audience, and your objectives. We assign a lead account strategist who will be your main point of contact and will serve as your go-to person for marketing consultation, brainstorming, and implementation of the marketing plan. They also collaborate with your team, our creative team, and other vendors to lead the creative direction of your projects. Our project management system is designed to maximize efficiency while ensuring the highest quality of creative work – so you really get the most bang for each buck.

The Right Time To Outsource Your Marketing

You Don’t Have an Internal Marketing Department

  • You can’t find a reliable employee with a variety of skills that are needed to fulfill your marketing needs.
  • You or someone on your leadership team manages the marketing along with another portion of the business.
  • You need a group of skilled specialists to increase the sophistication of your marketing.

You Do Have an Internal Marketing Department

  • You need a marketing team to fill the gaps in your internal team’s skill set.
  • You need specialists to complete the special projects that your internal team doesn’t have the time or resources to complete.
  • You want to complement your internal team’s efforts with an objective, outside perspective and fresh insights and ideas.


Creating a small in-house marketing department can easily cost six figures when you include salaries, benefits, technology, facilities, and more.


Outsourced teams will use the data to recommend adjustments to the strategies and tactics to maximize ROI.


We provide objective feedback, helping you to overcome the politics and groupthink that typically happens inside an organization, which often holds it back from reaching its full potential.


Choose the specialized skills our team offers to complement your teams’ capabilities and fill specific marketing needs you have.

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Company Tidbits

Years in Business

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Household Pets

Fun Fact No. 1

Giphys and emojis are our preferred form of office communication.

Fun Fact No. 2

We’re big-time supporters of the whole work-life balance thing.

Fun Fact No. 3

We started out with two women, two computers, and a dream.

Fun Fact No. 4

One time we had Hoyden-branded M&Ms made. Delicious swag!



“Hoyden was incredibly helpful in assembling a high-value event – plus they coordinated all the details making it easier to do our work.”

Doug Nafziger
Chief Executive Officer

“If you don’t have the wow factor then you won’t accomplish what you want to do. That’s what we have achieved by working with Hoyden Creative: The wow factor.”

James E. Van Doren
Executive Director
Lenawee Now

“I found their team to be prompt, polite, and willing to adapt to the culture of our organization. This was an enjoyable experience for everyone involved, and I am incredibly grateful.”

Lisa Moutinho
Public Information Officer
Washtenaw County

“Very easy to work with and their team is so creative! Beyond pleased with their responsiveness to questions after the project was completed.”

Laura L. Wanke
General Manager
Chaloner & Co

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